Tilt the vial upside down and then right side up again. Gently open the lid and touch the tip of the cone shaped lid to you index finger. Rub the index finger and the thumb together to feel the oily consistency on the finger tips. Now slowly place it under the nose and gently breath in the aroma. Terpenes cross the blood brain barrier and can offer a wide range of aromatherapy. These smells may trigger various types of sensations and adjust your overall mood. Keep a distance from the open vial (approximately one foot) and gently waft the aroma from the vial towards your nose. Let the terpenes breath and fill up the room. Enjoy.   


The culinary world is rapidly changing, and our essential oils provide chefs with extended flavor libraries for creating new unexplored tastes. Here are some simple ways to combine our award winning terpenes with various foods and beverages.   

1 Drop / 1ml ANY Essential Oil 

1 Drop / 2 Tbs Olive Oil 

1 Drop / 2 Tbs Butter  

1 Drop / 3oz Hot Sauce 

1 Drop / 3oz Soy Sauce



Our Aromatherapy candles should be placed in a small room, like a bath room or bed room, in order to maximize the therapeutic properties of the candles. If you are a DIY type of person here is a simple mix down formulation to make your own candles at home. 

8 - 10 Drops / 2oz Candle  



Blue River essential oil terpenes can be used in conjunction with any Aromatherapy diffusers by simply adding a few drops into any water tank of a ultrasonic diffuser.  

1-2 Drops / 100ml H20 for Ultrasonic Diffusion



For long term storage place vials inside a ziplock, or airtight sealed container, inside a freezer. For weekly use place vials inside a refrigerator. Blue River terpenes can be left out in the open air and at room temperature without evaporating, but should not be exposed to long periods of heat or exposed without a lid.